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Roger H. Lori, Sr., Mortuary Expert Witness

Get reliable consultation and testimony on legal matters concerning death care services from Mortuary Consulting Service. I am a respected mortuary expert witness based in Bakersfield, California. Contact me today for forensic consultations and detailed reports on any funeral, crematory, and embalming operations. I am willing to travel anywhere in the United States.

Qualified to Assess Funeral Standards and Practices

I have been in the funeral industry since 1970 and have owned over 18 mortuaries, crematorium, and other related businesses since 1975. In my years of service, I have been a hands-on operator. I have performed all duties with excellence, making my mortuary and crematory businesses successful and highly regarded in the industry.

As a licensed embalmer, crematory manager, and funeral director, I have personally embalmed more than 17,000 remains and cremated more than 3,500 bodies. In addition, I have conducted thousands of funeral arrangements and services.

My firm has been working with many lawyers since 1987, providing professional expert witness services to resolve funeral and embalming disputes. I also provide consulting services both for legal practitioners and funeral directors.

To produce informed and unbiased opinions regarding standards of care in pending cases, I review legal documents such as the following:

  • Complaints
  • Court Testimonies
  • Depositions
  • Investigations
  • Other Materials

Learn About My Practice

Browse through my website to learn about my firm and the services I offer. You may also call me to personally ask questions about my practice. expert witness and mortuary consulting - serving the entire united states.

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