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"I Hired Roger Lori as a consultant and then as an expert witness in a case against a funeral home which resolved this year. Mr. Lori was extremely responsive and professional. he was knowledgeable with regard to the subject matter and greatly assisted me in developing liability. He imparted upon me the background and information necessary for me to effectively depose multiple witnesses and to show the weakness in the opponent's case so that we could successfully resolve the case.

I Highly recommend this expert services.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding Mr. Lori."

- Renee nordstrand, nordstrand black pc lawyers

"I am a california attorney and i recently had the pleasure of working with Roger lori on a case involving the premature and partial cremation, negligently mishandling, and desecration of a body by the employees of a crematory. from the moment i met mr. lori, throughout the case, during the trial, and after, he was professional, punctual, and responsive to all requests. he was easy to work with, articulate while on the witness stand, knowledgeable about the funeral, mortuary, and cremation industries, and if i have another cremation case i wouldn't hesitate to contact him again. i found his insights and knowledge regarding the technical aspects of cremation and the processes and procedures used in the funeral, mortuary, and cremation industries invaluable.

please feel free to contact me if you require any further information."

- jason rose, brayton purcell llp

"it is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for roger lori, in his capacity as an expert witness in litigation.

i am an attorney and partner at the law firm sisneros graziani llp. i recently had a challenging civil case involving the loss of cremated remains as a result of a fire that destroyed a crematory. central to the case was whether the management and operation of the crematory contributed to the fire and the loss of the cremated remains. it was not easy to find an expert in this field. However, with great fortune, i was able to find and retain roger lori. ultimately, mr. lori's involvement in the case was critical to its very successful resolution.

first, mr. lori possessed a great wealth of experience and breadth of knowledge in the field of cremations and crematory operations. i found him to be very smart. moreover, he was adept at understanding the challenges i was facing. he was also excellent at communicating his knowledge and providing insight into my very unusual case.

second, his performance at deposition was stellar. mr. lori's responses were intelligent and articulate. His demeanor was composed and personable. at no point in time did opposing counsel's questions either cause any stress, or disrupt mr. lori's thought processes or demeanor. it was obvious that at trial he was going to make a strong witness. and while the case settled prior to trial (due to the strength of his testimony), i am sure that at trial he would have provided the same solid performance.

Finally, mr. lori is a pleasant man, and very easy to work with. I found him to be extremely responsive to my calls for help. in fact, i cannot remember a phone call that went unanswered. also, i found his pricing and billing practices very good.

i would certainly use him again in any case involving not only cremations, but also any cases involving services offered by funeral homes, cemeteries, mortuaries and the like. furthermore, i would certainly recommend him to any attorneys looking for an expert witness in this area.

- brian graziani, esq, sisneros graziani llp

Mortuary Consulting Service in Bakersfield, California has built a solid reputation in the industry. For more than three decades, I have received numerous commendations from clients and comrades alike for the services I deliver. Whether it be evaluating cases or assessing mortuary operations, trust that I always deliver the right results.

Throughout my years of reviewing funeral home policies and conducting embalming analysis, all the people I have worked with have said the same thing: I may be serious, but I am easy to work with. I guarantee a harmonious and professional working relationship when you employ my services. Browse through this page to and read about what my clients say about my services.

“I highly recommend Mr. Lori as an expert witness and/or consultant regarding the standard for care in the funeral industry and/or the operation of cemeteries and funeral homes. Mr. Lori has testified for me at trial on a case where the cemetery had failed to properly care for a grave over time. He was prepared, testified well at both deposition and trial, and was liked by both the judge and the jury. I have also contacted Mr. Lori regarding other cemetery-related issues. He was very helpful and he has a very wide range of knowledge of all aspects of the industry. Feel free to contact me regarding specific questions.”

– Mark Plummer, Law Offices of Mark B. Plummer, PC

“Roger Lori has been providing us with consulting services, vacation relief, and acquisition transition for the past several years. Roger’s experience and expertise in the funeral industry is almost unparalleled. To find a person with the experience of owning, operating, purchasing, and selling multiple funeral homes is truly a rare occurrence. When you compound that with his enthusiasm and willingness to immerse himself into each project he tackles, you have truly found a rare and valuable asset.

“When Roger consults with a company, he not only digs deeps into the inner workings of the office, but he will also evaluate staff, equipment, marketing strategies, product presentation, and client interaction. Additionally, he finds time to get to know the area you serve and ascertain the needs and desires unique to that particular area.

“Perhaps the most valuable element of Roger’s service is the fact that when he advises you on items the need changed or adjusted, he actually gives you practical lessons on how to accomplish those goals.

“We have come to know Roger as a friend, a confidant, and a significant asset to our company. We are comfortable that when Roger says he will do something or be somewhere, we can count on it. I would recommend Roger to any person who wishes to increase both sales and satisfaction in the community they serve.”

– Kevin Stiles, Janus Advisors, Inc.

“it was an absolute pleasure to work with you as an expert consultant on my recent remains mishandling case. As you know, our case reached a confidential settlement and I credit much of your hand work and dedication to reviewing the case materials and providing thorough expert opinions in assisting us to reach a resolution.

“You are a very thorough, thoughtful, and detailed consultant and I could not have been more pleased with your work. You were able to work under strict time constraints and were always very responsive and eager to assist. You also came up with creative arguments throughout the case that helped frame the liability issues.

“thank you again for all the hard work and assistance. Please feel free to list me as a professional reference in the future.”

– Andje M. Medina, The Veen Firm, P.C.

“I am writing this as my personal recommendation of funeral science expert Roger Lori of Mortuary Consulting Service.

Mr. Lori has been retained by me over the years on several cases. Each time he demonstrated himself to be superior to the experts retained by the other side, in my opinion. I think that he brings a wealth of experience and a common-sense approach, which is very helpful in evaluating the potential risk that a case might present. It has been my practice to make him my first call on any case involving mortuary science that I might be assigned. I know that if I do not retain him first, the opposition will. He is that highly regarded.

On a personal note, I think he goes above and beyond what the typical expert consultant does. Mr. Lori seems genuinely interested in the well-being of his industry and in making sure the consumer is treated appropriately.

If you have any questions about him, feel free to call me.”

– James P. Hart, Jr., ESQ., Craig A. Holtz Law Office

“I wanted to inform you that we were able to reach a confidential settlement with the plaintiffs yesterday. Therefore, we will no longer require your expertise in this matter. However, with your assistance, we were able to reach a reasonable settlement in this case. Thank you for your help in narrowing the issues and educating us on the standards and practices of the community. Please forward your final bill in this case. Again, thank you for your work on this file. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

– Kristie L. Sager, Esq., Rushford & Bonotto, LLP

“Wanted to take a moment and express my appreciation for your assistance on behalf of the Parra’s in the above referenced case. As you are aware, we did prevail in this matter and I believe that your testimony before the jury was very helpful. Your professionalism, knowledge of the industry, and clear testimony before the jury appeared to be persuasive. That, coupled with the fact that you are very easy to work with and mindful of the budgetary considerations, made working with you quite a pleasure. I do thank you again and wish you all the best in the future. Should you need any reference or if we may be of assistance to you in the future, do not hesitate to give us a call.”

– Rick A. Blake. Attorney at Law

“I take this opportunity to share my experience with Roger Lori as an expert witness. I am a plaintiff’s attorney and I had the opportunity to retain Mr. Lori as an expert on behalf of one of my clients. I found him particularly efficient and reliable. He was a ‘quick study’ and rapidly grasped the salient points of my client’s case. He was a real asset to our team and I would certainly retain him again if the opportunity called for it.”

– David E. Wood, Esq., Law Offices of David E. Wood

“This is to inform you that on February 27, 2009, both plaintiffs and cross-complainant Simpson Family Mortuary agreed to dismiss, with prejudice, the complaint and cross-complaint as to the County of Los Angeles, only. The county will also dismiss its cross-complaint against Simpson Family Mortuary.

“Thank you for your diligence in reviewing all of the file materials submitted, for making very helpful suggestions to obtain the crematory and Funeral Bureau records, and for assisting us in the preparation of a motion for summary judgment. Should the need arise, we would not hesitate to utilize your services in future cases involving mortuaries or crematories.

“if you have not done so, kindly submit your final bill. If you wish, you may return all file materials reviewed to us or destroy them at your convenience. Your kind assistance in the defense of this matter is greatly appreciated.”

– Linda Diane Anderson, Schuler & Brown Attorneys at Law

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